Random Ramblings of zero importance

This week I am cat sitting and as a result the week started off a little out of sorts and bland, very bland. I may have mentioned before that I work from home with a substantial amount of travel, however each week varies for how many days out I go. I like working from home, sometimes it is a real struggle to get motivated and not be distracted but the busy days and all the travelling more than makes up for this. Working from home means that when required to cat sit I can just take my laptop and some papers with me and voila still just working from home. Anyway back to my opening line about my bland week, I had no appointments which involved me needing to leave the house until Wednesday, my Mum and Step Dad left for holiday Sunday morning. This meant I was home alone with only the cat for nearly 72 hours, I was starting to get cabin fever and thought I might have got a bit madder than usual.

I know 72 hours isn’t that long really, but when you are not in your own home with everything at your disposal then you soon run out of things to keep you occupied. Especially with cat sitting, it’s not like they care that you are there, you can’t take it for a walk, in fact she sleeps like 23 and a half hours a day in her cosy radiator bed. She, Maddy cat is actually my baby from when I lived at home, she’s old, 14 nearly and she just likes sleeping, she wanders round looking for my Step Dad who she adores and once she realises that he still isn’t home just meows at me until I clean her litter tray. Sadly she is quite boring company as she is banned from the living room so can’t even snuggle up while she sleeps and I watch stuff on Netflix….which brings us nicely onto Weeds.

So I ended up a bit of a late Breaking Bad fan but once I found it, earlyish August, I ensure that I watched as much as I could and caught up in time to be ready for the final episode. Prior to this I wasn’t really much of a TV watcher however thought‘d take advantage of the Netflix free month and the rest is history. Anyway, so Breaking Bad finishes and I ponder what else to watch, I enjoyed Orange is the New Black and get reading that it was created by the same person that created Weeds and when reading my blogger pal Jess’s recommendation for Weeds thought I’d give it ago.

Now Weeds has been around ages and doesn’t claim to be like anything else, basically it’s about a widowed American Mom who is trying to support her family by being a weed dealer. Hmmm…..now ordinarily I don’t have much expectation from a TV series, but when you’ve just been on a journey of epic proportions with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman you can’t help but think that weed dealer Nancy and her pals just aren’t going to impress you no matter how hard they try. Impressive, maybe not, entertaining I guess so, I’ve started now so I’ve got to see it through!



4 thoughts on “Random Ramblings of zero importance

  1. Yes! I’m glad you are going to meet Nancy Botwin. I’ll start Orange. We should work for Netflix reviewing series.
    Cat sitting is a thankless job. Can you raid their fridge? Hopefully your parents will bring you back a nice souvenir.

    • Nothing of excitement in the fridge sadly… I think they knew they were going away.
      So far I love the bad language in weeds just so funny, and bad. Ha

      • Agreed. Especially with no commercials, the episodes fly by. I’m so glad you’re enjoying! Starting O is the new B.

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