Why I love Livi

This post was intended on being written yesterday as that is when it was Livi’s birthday, however due to birthday celebrations and the tiredness that followed it was never going to happen.

My friend Livi is quite lovely. There are lots of things to love about her a few of which I am going to share with you. Livi has just turned 26, so she is a youngster to me however she keeps me feeling young with her, mainly because in her presence my inner 6 year old is in brilliant company, at other times the grown ups with in us also get on swimmingly.

Reasons I love Livi, in no particular order.

1. She is pretty and has pink bits in her hair because she loves pink stuff.


2. She buys ‘pretty’ toilet roll.


3. She has a pole in her bedroom, yet I’ve only seen her dance in a packed bar.


4. She has a bigger collection of scarves than me and she stores them some what innocently on her bed frame…… 😉

5. She has a bright pink hoodie with her name on in case anyone wondered who might own it.

6. She came with me to Malta and wasn’t a nightmare room companion and we had a great time.


7. She is clever and determined and is working towards her Masters.


8. She loves fairies, Disney, cuddly stuff and dressing up.


9. She opened my world up to carrying little flats on a night out so I didn’t have to walk home in my 6 inch heels or more likely barefoot.


10. She is sweet and friendly and would do anything for the people she cares about and is a great friend.


Happy Birthday Kiddo, love you x


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