Why Emma is my Best Friend

She might be nearly 12,000 miles and literally half the world away but Em is my best friend, it would take more than distance to alter that.

It was difficult when she first left for her travels in October 2011 but it was reassuring and comforting at how quickly Skype and Facebook photos enabled us to keep not just in touch remained greatly informed about each of our lives. Okay so she couldn’t be there to comfort me when a friend died or my long term boyfriend broke up with me but that didn’t stop her doing what should could to comfort me. Just like I couldn’t deliver her 30th birthday present in person or cry beside her in the cinema on our movie nights, I did my best from where I am.

She has been back to England once in two years for about a month and it was fantastic, not only to see her and spend time together but that it was so natural and like we’d not been apart for so long.

There are lots of reasons Em is my best friend and in celebration of her birthday I’m going to share some below

She compliments my personality, together we are a good mix. She is bossy, I’m happy to do as I’m told (sometimes). She is confident and outrageous on a night out; I stand back watch and only sometimes cringe.  When one of us is low the other has the ability to be high and lift the mood.


She is always up for fun and a laugh, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Simple as that.


We have a completely honest relationship I can tell her how it is, there is no need to bullshit around her. Although she gives as good as she gets 😉

As said by John Lennon

When she is passionate about something there is no doubting her commitment, whether it is work, hobbies or fancy dress, when she does something she is passionate about she does it properly.


Dressing up!

She is brave and believes in following your dreams for which she has my full admiration. When she left England in 2011 she left alone, she travelled around some of North America and Canada, before head over for Fiji en route to New Zealand. She may have met some new people along the way but she did these journeys and experiences on her own.


She is brilliant night in company, DVD, sweets and alcohol and there is nowhere else I’d rather be with her. We laugh, we cry and we are us in our simplest form.


I trust her with all my secrets, mainly because she trusts me with her own which are usually far more interesting than mine 😉


When I randomly turned up on her doorstep two days before Christmas and told her I’d left my husband she asked me ‘Where?’ – this still tickles me 6 years later.


We can talk for hours on end, laughing until we cry over not a lot, Skype has been a huge part of our life over the last 2 years.

My Skype makeover had Em in hysterics

We do not have the same taste in men, so we will never go after the same guy! Unless Jason Statham was in the room. Funnily recently whilst looking at photos we had to laugh when she said she fancied the dad (we think) of the guy I liked. No worries about falling out on this.

Jack Black – Em’s type, Dougie Poynter – my type!

Of course there are lots more reasons but mainly she is my best friend because I love her and having her in my life makes it a brighter place, despite how much I miss her.


Happy birthday Em



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