Right then, so I have my title and I have my synopsis for my novel which I intend on writing for the National Novel Writing Month.

The site is full of advice and guidance giving newbies like me some pointers. It strongly suggests about getting feedback from those around you so below is the synopsis for my as yet unwritten but thought about novel. I would welcome as much feedback as possible about this, mainly if you think this is a tangible idea for novel and can you imagine people reading. Feedback can be left below or of you’ve read this through Facebook you can comment on there too. Be honest, after all I have two days to completely rethink my idea if needed…..argh

This is suddenly becoming a very real challenge I want to fulfil for myself, not only because I enjoy writing and want to try my had at some serious word count but also because I want to spend my spare time more meaningfully, rather than just watching Netflix……Although I have just joined the gym so i’m going to really be shaking up my time now!

Ok, here goes…..


Awake When I Sleep 


Kaysee’s dreams are her reality. The comfort she seeks and the confidence she gains whilst sleeping is what gets her through her shy and quiet waking hours. Scott is always waiting for her, to listen to her worries and help make sense of the world. No one understands Kaysee like Scott does and no one other her than knows he exists, even if it is only while she sleeps.

Aware that her dreams are holding her back in the real the world Kaysee begins to question her relationship with sleep and Scott within it. The real question is when you only feel awake when sleeping how do you ever truly wake up?


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. Interesting! I know the common wisdom is that you don’t start a novel with a dream sequence, but looks like this one might be the exception that proves the rule. Good luck! (I’m NaNo-ing too.)

  2. Love it! I wish my dreams were so vivid! That would be a good film too! Wishing you much success on your own writing journey! Thanks for all your support to mine!

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