Big catch up needed already!

Today marks only day 4 of the NaNoWriMo and I’m already nearly 2000 words behind the suggested tracker for making it to 50,000 before the month is out. Now I admit I might have spent too much of my weekend drinking and then subsequently sleeping but it was a great Halloween party which I went to and got distracted by, oh look here is my costume.


Anyway I figure I can catch up a little tomorrow when I am away for work, a couple of hours hopefully in my favourite b & b room should help. Although I have noticed that having an idea for a novel is not too difficult but then expressing in just the right way is another matter.

Look I’m even distracting myself now, this post will be a few hundreds words which could have gone on the novel. Oh well, I wanted to keep my followers up to date.

Oh and it is also only ten days until I go back to Malta, woo hoo and wahey, however this means 5 days no writing…..ok I have lots of writing to do I get it.

If you are also doing NaNo then I hope you are a bit better track than me!! Good luck


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