Final two months…..

Today is November 23rd, two months until January 23rd when I turn 30.

When I started this blog I had just over a year to go and even that felt too soon. In my own time and ways I have gotten more used to the idea and to be honest if I am not ready now I never will be.

It is a busy time of year and I’ve got lots on too. I am patiently waiting the imminent arrival of my sisters baby, there are days shopping, going to the theatre, birthdays and friend catch ups all in the next month, then it is Christmas, the arrival of my other sisters baby and of course new year which for the first time Ina very long time I am excited for and have some good plans!

This is a quick run down of the last New Years I can remember
Into 2013 : slept through it nursing a broken heart.
Into 2012 : in Birmingham at my brothers, we watched films and moaned when we realised there were no city fireworks to see out the window.
Into 2011 : stayed in with then boyfriend, got drunk, cried about stuff and then he was sick on the sing star microphone mid song.
Into 2010 : absolutely no idea, can’t remember likely similar to above
Into 2009 : was at a house party with then boyfriend of just his male mates, they were all doing drugs, I got drunk and fell asleep in front of the fire. Biggest and poshest house I’ve ever been in though…..
Into 2008 : very newly single after 7 years and went to and old peoples pub with my mum and step dad with their friends, didn’t drink so I could escape any given time.

Any before this would have been spent in the pub with my ex and his dad because he didn’t like leaving him on his own.

My big brother recently told me I had to make this one count as it’s my last one in my 20s, he suggested going to Oz and then America and seeing it in twice. I don’t quite think this would have worked and even if it did I’d perhaps be too tired to appreciate it. Instead I am heading back to malta for the third time this year, I don’t like visiting the same place more than once unless it’s got a lot to offer because I like new experiences, however I’m not going for the country but for the company of a particularly lovely young guy and I think this new year might make up for every other one in my 20s and that I’m not gonna complain about.

Once I’m back in the new year there will be only a few weeks before the big day and then party and I’ll busy preparing for that.

I think the one biggest thing about turning 30 will be that I can no longer dread it, that is surely something to look forward to. I am really open to embracing that it could all be good, stuff in my life hasn’t panned out too well before and maybe it was all for a reason, I’m not dwelling and looking only forward as the road ahead is hopefully much longer than the one already travelled.

Oh and I’ve just accomplished debt free by 30!!!! So I’m happy about that too šŸ™‚



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