Is it Rachel?

I am sure I am not the only person who feels like this but I assume people who I remember from a long time ago won’t remember me. You forget the people themselves existed as a whole but then you see them and you think ‘Oh I remember you’ but don’t give yourself enough credit of being memory worthy yourself.

Well today as I grabbing a coffee to warm myself up in Sainsbury’s after having to catch the bus and then wait for the train as my car decided the coldest morning of the year so far is the appropriate one to not start the lady serving me asked me ‘Is it Rachel?’ as soon as she asked me I realised we had once worked together, albeit very briefly. I was gobsmacked she recognised me. She claims to have only just left the company we were at after ten and a half years, however it must have been longer than that, it was my first job after school, I was only 17 when I left…..that was 12 years ago! I was surprised the even more surprised that she actually remembered me, I mean surely I don’t resemble my 17 year old former self enough for someone who I hardly knew in the first place to even remember my name?!

It got me wondering about why I expect myself to remember others but then for them to not remember me, I just hope I am memorable to people for the right reasons. Then I remembered this my Mum took a couple of weeks ago.


I know I look a like a bit of a miserable moron but I was trying to replicate the original expression on the portrait, which was done of me when I was 18. My Mum and I talked about the girl in the portrait as a third person for sometime, trying to decide just what she was feeling and how she has been captured, for I did not recognise her as myself and it was weird talking about ‘me’ in the picture. What do you think?  Also this is a photo of me when I was 16, where I think I look even less like the portrait and myself than I do now.


I hope when I am in my 40’s I am still recognisable as the person I am iImy 20’s in the same way I am obviously recognisable from the person I was in my teens 😉


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