££ It’s all about the money ££

Well that was a very boring and dull 90 minutes of my life I will never get back and no I am not talking about a game of unamusing football ending in a draw.

An independent financial advisor, sat in my kitchen talking money and mainly pensions and insurances. Image

I have decided that everything is so morbid when it comes to money, apparently according to fact and statistics I have a 50% chance of either dying, becoming disabled or having a critical illness by the time I am 65 years old. What a delightful thought. 

This however is the basis to help you decide what to spend your money on.

I mean it was only a 5% chance of dying before 65 and because I have my own home and no partner to worry about then I was asked why do I want life cover, I can’t benefit, no immediate partner will benefit so what is the risk?

Next was a 19% chance of critical illness, again I was asked, this is quite low so why spend money protecting yourself in this area when I hadn’t even given thought to highest risk which is 42% chance of becoming disabled. Surely it makes more sense to prepare for loss of earning to protect all your financial commitments rather than just your mortgage should you die or get something like cancer.

The joys of having responsibility hey?! We discussed how much more comfortable and better off I would be if I wasn’t single, not exactly the best chat up line though is it ‘Hey you’re attractive and funny, want to share my bills?’ 

How utterly depressing, I took great joy in telling the guy that any extra money I have for the foreseeable is being ear marked for a visit to New Zealand and Australia as a minimum, Las Vegas is also on the cards, maybe a revisit to New York while I am at it, after all this talk of money, investments and potential death and disability I am definitely going to focus on the travelling round the world as I enter my 30’s!!



One thought on “££ It’s all about the money ££

  1. I used to date someone who worked in life insurance and after five years of the job, he walked out. I was always surprised by this but he tried to explain the depressive nature of the job and constantly reminding people we’re all going to die one day. I can’t imagine having to sit through this conversation!

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