I’m holding out for a…..


No no, not a hero, obviously, however I am indeed holding out for a baby, in particular a niece or nephew who is in fact 7 days overdue.

My lovely step sister who has been so gracious through her pregnancy is hoping as you do that she will not require to be induced but indeed the little ‘toad’ makes an appearance soon. Well, I haven’t seen her for a week but whenever I notice she is on line my heart sinks a little for her that she isn’t laid up on a labour ward with her legs akimbo and every  last shred of dignity being taken from her in the name of child birth all whilst experiencing the most pain of her life. 

I absolutely cannot wait for her and her husband to become mummy and daddy, in turn making me and aunty who already wants cuddles with the to be new born. 

How exciting….plus once this little one is here, we will be going through the entire suspense and excitement again in very early January when my other lovely step-sister is due.

Oh yeah bring on the babies.



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