Looks can be decieving….

This is Bertie and Ernie, don’t they look all sweet and innocent like butter wouldn’t melt. 20131206-114231.jpg

This is Ted, doesn’t he look all sweet and innocent like butter wouldn’t melt.


Notice a theme? I can reliably inform you that all three of these dogs are not usually staying still long enough for a photo. Bertie and Ernie are my Dad and Stepmums boys and are so full of excitement all they want is fuss and to be played with, Ernie the Springer is more full on than the Labrador Bertie, even though he isn’t even two yet and despite his humongous size is actually still quite puppy like.

Then there is adorable tufty Ted who belongs to my Mums friend who I dog sat for at the weekend, he is every bit the Saluki cross you would expect and then throw in puppiness again and you have a great big bundle of energy that you most definitely know about!

Let’s face it though, it isn’t just dogs that have the butter wouldn’t melt look about them. I know enough children where they appear all cutesy and then BAM they couldn’t be more boisterous and not cute if they tried, not just kids either though, because they grow up and become adults. They look sweet, innocent and often sensible sorts but then they are the ones you are steering home on a night out.

The aim of this post was to mainly reinforce the old saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ whilst this usually would be associated with thinking the worst in someone I just wanted to demonstrate that it works both ways, ok so using dogs was a low shot but lets face it I was never going to name and shame my friends 😉 ……… (you are welcome friends.)


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