Next time I’ll be a big girl

In the week I went with my mum and step dad to have a flying visit with my grandma. It was the pre Christmas visit so that we could drop of out presents and collect those for us from our family. We have the briefest of encounters with my aunt, uncle and my cousin and her husband and children too, so whilst fleeting it wa lovely to see everyone. It makes me chuckle when we congregate at my grandma’s in her little 1 bed flat, you can imagine the squeeze of 8 adults and 2 kids in her lounge!

Once everyone else had gone we sat down and ate Chinese takeaway, having a catch up and chatting the time away. When it was time to go I realised the next time my Grandma saw her youngest granddaughter, me, I’d be 30.

I went and sat I he chair with her and proceeded to tell her that I would be a big girl the next time she saw me, she said yes you are and big girls don’t cry. Ah how sweet, if only I believed it.

Any way I took this chance to have some photos taken with her, however my mum and my iPhone is always an hilarious mix as the photos below show.

I’ve also added a bonus funny of my grandma in as she is so sweet and funny and obliges when you want her to look silly 🙂












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