Worth the wait, obviously!

Two weeks late and following a less than straight forward labour my step-sister finally had her baby. It was a boy.

William. Tiny and perfect in every way.

I finally saw him at 7 days old and enjoyed every minute of him just laying snuggled and sleeping without a care in the world as to who I might be. I have never fallen in love so quickly as I did the moment I laid eyes on him. A new baby in the family is pretty powerful stuff, I can only imagine how much more amazing it will be when that baby will be mine. Until then I am sure that little William and his soon to be born cousin and my niece (due in the coming weeks!) will keep me topped up with love and joy. I am so happy for my step sisters and I have no doubt they will both be fabulous Mums, albeit have different styles, it will be fun trying to remember who does what which way, failing that Auntie Rachel will have to create her own rules for when she is there 😉

Here I am having my cuddles, there are plenty more to come over the next week due to family gatherings and I cannot wait.





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