Being 60 According to Dad


Turning 60 is no big deal, it was just another day, so much so he was up at 4am as usual to work on his fruit and veg market stall. When I went over to see him 12 hours later he was sat in front of his PC still working doing orders and stock checking.

Turning 60 hasn’t phased him, he says. He doesn’t feel any older than when he was my age although his body sometimes reminds him otherwise. I was quite surprised how unbothered e was about the whole thing, wasn’t bothered if he had a party it not, so it was a small family gathering.

It was only when I reminded him that when I’m 30 next month he will be twice my age, I then got a bit of a grunt and ‘alright’ which I took as a bit touchy although I think I’m clutching at straws just to rationalise my grump about turning 30!

I don’t see my Dad as
Old so it makes sense that he doesn’t feel it, which stands to reason that turning 30 isn’t such a big deal….. Yeah I don’t quite believe that just yet, although I have another 32 days to totally convince myself, however just having so much family together reminded me that at least in good company I should have a great time despite the reason they will all be there!!


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