30 days until 30


This photo is of my Dad and me at my first Christmas, this means I am close to 1 and Dad is 31.

I am now only 30 days from 30 and Dad has just hit 60, did you see my post about that? If not voila here it is.

This morning I announced to Mum that it was 30 days until I was 30 and she asked me when I got so old. She proclaimed that she could not believe it. I told her that every Christmas Day I take a moment to acknowledge it is a year since last Christmas, think about how fast it has gone and think ahead to having the very same thought another year later. I asked her if when we (my older brother also) younger did she ever stop to acknowledge that we wouldn’t always be babies or young children and did she ever think about what we would be like as grown ups. She no, never, she never once thought ahead of where we at in our lives. Now that I am nearly 30 and my brother already 33 it seems she still doesn’t think about.

Again she asked when did this happened, how and who let it?

I have come to the opinion that Mum is in fact more in denial about me getting old than I am myself, I presented her which this theory and she didn’t disagree.

What a turn up for the books, maybe on my birthday it will be me offering her comforting words about how I’m not old and she isn’t either!

I would like to wish all my followers old and new a very Merry Christmas.







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