Last post ever

Ever of 2013 that is.

Although it is not long until I turn 30, just a little over three weeks, then what? I was asked that only a day ago, now I’ve been asked it before but usually it still seemed a away to go yet but now it isn’t and maybe I need to make a decision.

I think these are my options
A) stop writing, mission accomplished.
B) Change the name to the first year of my thirties and carry on with reflection from the other side.
C) start a new blog

I also got asked why I write my blog at all and why I bothered, well seen as they didn’t know my 28 year old self a few weeks before turning 29 I think it is a fair question. My answer basically said that I was making such a a big deal about being nearly 30 that I thought I might as well actually make a big deal of it. I thought it would make me pay more attention and appreciate my time better and I think it did the trick, I also genuinely believe I am a lot more peace about turning 30 than I would have been without not only the writing in my blog but the followers, comments and reassurances along the way.

I am away on holiday at the minute, seeing the new year in away from home and in a situation a millions miles from any other new year I’ve seen in. Once I am home and in 2014 and in the final days before my birthday I will share the highs and lows of my last year of my twenties. Until then I wish you all a wonderful start to 2014.


2 thoughts on “Last post ever

  1. Stop writing this blog and write me a god dam book, better than that JK Rowling, also your 30 soon, get over it woman

  2. I vote B! And I think it is so awesome that blogging has put you more at peac about the big 3-0. That is just down right inspiring. Wishing you the best for the last 2-9 month and a fab 2014 following!

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