20’s are nearly done!

Oh way back on 19th January 2013, I wrote my first blog
post. You can find it here
It was all about thoughts on turning 29 and the year ahead. I set
out to write a list of things I wanted to achieve before my 30th
Birthday on 23rd January 2014, two weeks today. Below is the list
and an update on where I got.
1. Start a blog and maintain it –
122 posts later, 129 followers, over 3400 views I
think I can say I achieved this.
2. Invest time and money into a
skin regime. –
It is not quite as regular as I had
hoped (ie morning and night) but it is a lot better and I certainly
am not short of creams.
3. Get a tattoo on my foot. –
Not achieved, no reason why, just not seen it
through, maybe I still have time? Anyone recommend someone good and local?!
4. Go to the Westend to see a show. –
I went to see two! Viva Forever and Top Hat, both brilliant and I loved them. Also saw the tour of Cabaret from the Westend, so
definitely happy with this outcome.
5. Pick my own strawberries. –
I did it! you can read all about it here πŸ™‚ oh no…apparently I never shared it and it’s just sitting as a draft
in my posts 😦 I will post it another day, weird to do it now
though surely?
6. Run 5k in less than 30 mins.
Sadly ill health prevented me getting my time below 30 mins, which is a real shame as it shouldn’t be too difficult, however I am getting
there and will keep aiming for this.
7. Run 10k.
Same as above, I did 7.5 in one go which was big news, fitness it
way back up thought after 6 months out of action and I think 2014
will be a good year for running.
8. Buy a pair of black leather
boots. –
I bought some nice Tan ones. Leather but
not black, it counts.
9. Make Meringues – ha nope
not even tried……
10. Try a new hairstyle. –
I had highlights (which I might have had before just not recently)

Oh dear…..doesn’t look to healthy does it really of stuff I have
achieved. Well you know what, I don’t care there is so much more
that has happened in 2013 and I thought I’d give you a little run
down, in no particular order along with the accompanying post which
looking back I did capture a lot in my blog just as I had set out.
Got a new job. A pretty decent one, I enjoy it, it has lots of
perks -mainly working from home a couple days a week. Lots of
responsibility and acting like a grown up. Oh I wrote about this

Made some great new friends, not just met new people but made great
friends, Livi is an angel and a blast and without making friends
with her I never would have gone to Malta and never would have met
Danny who I kinda adore a little bit. You can read why I love Livi
in this post.

Became an Auntie!! Yes how amazing, surely this is far more exiting
than anything that was on my to do list? Baby William arrived in
Dec and Amelia is over due and will definitely be here before I am
30. A niece and a nephew, thank you sisters πŸ™‚ You can see William
and Amelia will follow real soon I hope.

No more loan! Yep I am debt free by 30 apart from my mortgage and credit card. I thought
that day would never come and that I would be in a money black spot
forever, yet here I am with the best credit score and money to
spare to spend and save. Even this got a mention in this post.

Moved back into my own home….weird I know but after living with
the ex and then working away and renting a room I finally faced
going home and living in my house and making it a home. You can see
the results here.

Got over my ex – now this is a big one, this time last year I
thought my life might as well be over, I was so miserable about so
much and thought that being left had ruined my life. Well, the last
6 months have been brilliant and I can see that life without him is
very much indeed the future. (for my friends reading this I know
this took longer than you ever wanted, thanks for being there for
me) This post
marked my acceptance.

Started writing a book, okay so I didn’t
finish it as intended for the NaNoWriMo but hey I never would have
thought I would have written 20,000 words by now if you had asked
me last year. I like the story too, must keep writing. As I said I
didn’t finish it but you can read the gist of it here.

I am sure there has been a lot more things I could share with you,
however thinking about it, I probably already have, like Dad turning 60, Seeing my amazing best friend after 18 months
and spending a great
time in London
, the dreadful night ending in a police car

Now I really must stop, this post has been very link
heavy, although I hope you take the time to read a couple of linked
posts you’ve missed before. I would just like to once again thank
all of you who read and encourage my blog. I am really grateful to
Philippa, Blossom and Donna who regularly read and comment from
Facebook. Jess, Barb and Laura, my fellow bloggers who often stop
by. If this happens to be your first read, then hello, where the
hell have you been, you have a year of posts to catch up on, chop
chop πŸ˜‰


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