Relish the remarkable ride

Well it happened, I turned 30 and I didn’t instantly turn grey, spontaneously combust, have mid life crisis or indeed anything else even remotely horrifying as I not so secretly dreaded. In fact I had an amazing birthday and party, I also instantly felt a weight had lifted from me as I no longer had the dread hanging over me.

Therefore my original blog became somewhat redundant, I have decided I am going to continue blogging, I enjoy it and apparently so do some of my followers, however it is a age related count down free zone. In fact it is very much the opposite, it is about making every day count, living my life and making sure I love it.

It’s new tag line is ‘Relish the remarkable ride’ I haven’t come up with myself, I had help from a beautiful film which affirmed my recent and new found motivation to make the most of life as it is, not dwell and remember that I am always the youngest I will ever be.

I chose this title as it truly sums up for me my belief that life is a journey and not a destination so you better make sure you enjoy the ride. I heard this line in the film and absolutely knew instantly it was the new tagline for me.

A few changes, I will no longer post my blog on facebook, so if you have followed the link to this post it will be the last one. If you want to keep following me please either bookmark this page or you can sign up and subscribe, I know sounds a bit serious but you honestly wouldn’t be the first.

My posts are not always going to have meaning, I feel my posts by default are now going to be more random and less in tune with my previous cause. I’m thirty I’m over it, this blog is just about my life and my enjoyment of it, capturing and sharing moments, lessons and realisations!

It will be photo heavy, travel heavy later in the year and from time to time very ME ME ME!

I hope all my previous followers stick around and don’t disappear because they will miss me moaning about being old and I hope that this refreshed approach will welcome new ones.

Thank you so much for everyone for their support over the last 12 months, I really appreciate it, I would write anyway but knowing there are people the other end reading, liking and commenting makes it even more worth while and satisfying.

Happy reading 🙂



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