Freshly Presssed wanna be

What does it take to be freshly pressed?

Does it matter how I look or how I am dressed?

Must I be smart or could I be dumb

Is for serious topics only or can it be fun?

I am not quite sure if I will make the cut

But the problem of late is I am in a rut

Time is not an issue it is just what I write

Do I write to be read or write to be liked?

Penning this poem is maybe a cheap shot

But I’d like to get new readers, maybe a lot

So stop on by and read some more of my  blog

If you like what you see then go the whole hog

Become a follower or maybe subscribe

My life is for reading I have nothing to hide


One thought on “Freshly Presssed wanna be

  1. hehe cute poem. I’ve been lucky enough to be Freshly Pressed twice, each time it was a post I never would have guessed was worthy! So keep writing, and I hope it happens for you because it is really awesome.

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