A Travel Journal, obviously

A little while a go you may remember be writing a post about a new pad with a purpose I had purchased, you can find that post here.

Well obviously it was a travel journal, if you follow my blog you may have guessed so when I revamped it and posted all the ramblings about life being a journey and not a destination or when I posted the other day about booking my flights to Australia and New Zealand.

Last night I wrote my first entry! I know strictly speaking I haven’t started any travelling as yet, however I wanted to write an account of the day I went to travel agent and booked my flight and logged all the details. That way I think it will create an even bigger picture when I sit down and re read it in 50 years time to any grandchildren I may have managed to secure should I ever actually get round to creating my own children first.

It is nice to write on paper with a pen, okay so it is not as quick as I am writing now on my laptop bashing at keys at pretty impressive rate and with the easy ability to delete any errors or reword something. All the more reason I like the act of actual writing, it is raw and honest and gives you an opportunity to write what you mean and not change it so easily should you think others wouldn’t like it or not understand it.

It is typical cliché, I intend on taking the journal with me and writing as I go, will I manage to keep it up to date? I should hope so, I will be spending enough time on  flights to need something to do. I think then I will photo snap shots of the entries and upload them on to here rather than write alternative blog posts. I cannot wait until I am off English soil and write my first authentic travel journal entry, shame I’ve got some waiting to do then.

In the mean time I will keep bashing computer keys and keep you updated on all manner of rubbish until things get interesting.


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