Musical Emotions

I remember very vividly listening to a woman sing a song I had never heard while a man played the guitar in bar on holiday in Lanzarote. I just remember thinking it was so beautiful and that I wish I could sing or play guitar.

I was so inspired and moved by the experience that I came home and took up guitar lessons, I was far from natural and after a year of learning I gracefully gave up and decided to take singing lessons instead…I was even less of a natural and lasted maybe a few months tops before I moved and I joined a choir instead, safety in numbers.

It wasn’t just how good this man and woman sounded together I remember it was the lyrics and the sentiment behind them. I managed to google the lyrics I remembered and was delighted to have found the song. Several years later and I regularly listen to this song and it reminds me every time of how I felt and the meaning of the lyrics pulls on my heart, so much so today it made me cry. I don’t know why, maybe its a sign I am little off kilter with my mood just not enough to notice day to day, well this beautiful song will test your mood for you if you have a heart.

If you have never heard this before then I’d love to know what your first impressions are.

Collin Raye – Love


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