Anti-social rebel

I’d like to think that I am a pleasant and nice individual, I am considerate and always think about the consequences of my actions.

Well yesterday and today I have been given two reasons to believe otherwise.

Yesterday there was a knock on the door, upon answering I was somewhat surprised to see a Police community support officer. Due to work on my house I had parked my car down the culdesac directly opposite my house. Well someone had complained direct to the police about my car being an obstruction as I had chosen to place part of it on the kerb rather than take too much of the road at the junction. I was told to move it off the kerb otherwise I was liable to receive 3 points on my license…. What a crock of shit. I see cars half parked on kerbs all the time, generally it is seen as considerate down small residential streets but no the one day I ever do it some one complains, to the police not even me.

Then today, I’m sat on the training thinking I’m minding my own business when the guy next to me asks if I can turn my music down. Seriously how loud can iPhone headphones be. I didn’t say anything when he was yabbing on the phone loudly which led me to listen to music in the first place. I wasn’t in the quiet carriage, the guys in front of us were loud and using offensive language yet I was asked to turn down my music.

So as you can see I am obviously far more anti social, rude and inconsiderate after these occurrences and completely selfish and I should be ashamed to be part of what’s wrong with the world.

Or should others just lighten up a tad?


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