First time for everything……sadly

A week from today I will be unemployed. My fixed term contract can no longer be extended and my work is finished.

I’ve had fixed term contracts before and things have always worked out. In fact ever since the day I walked out of sixth form when I was 16 (literally walked out mid term and said I was leaving much to the teachers adamants that I couldn’t) I have always had a job. I managed to get an apprenticeship within days of quitting school and I’ve never looked back. Having no higher education has not had a detrimental impact on me at all and I have spent numerous years working as a manager in various roles with numerous staff and sites under my responsibility.

Lots of things in my life have gone pear shaped from finances and relationships to car and house problems, the only constant throughout the last 14 years is that I have always had a job, a good one, one I enjoy one which pays the bills.

Yet here I am a week away from unemployment. I have applied for so many jobs recently, from management positions to poultry assistant positions. I am not fussy, I do not care what I do, I just need a job. Regardless of my responsibilities I always work to the highest standard, I am not very ambitious for a set career, what is important to me is doing whatever my job is to the absolute best it can be done, whether that is managing contract delivery outcomes or collecting eggs and shovelling shit.

So as the saying goes……first time for everything, I just hope that this is the only time and short lived time that I am in this situation, maybe it won’t even come to that, after all anything could happen in the next week…..I hope, crosses fingers and praying for a break through as I am not sure the stress and anxiety that would come from not having an income for my bills and mortgage is going to pretty 😦




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