A Date with Joe Bloggs – Part 1

So I don’t make a habit about blogging about dates, mainly because there are plenty of blogs dedicated to dating and well if you wanted to read about dates that is where you would go. Also because they are personal, my blog isn’t anonymous and I assure you that if I wanted you to know about a guy I met or a date I’d been on I would just tell you rather than blog about it. I’ve had a little check and I seem to have mentioned my own dating only once in 141 posts.

Firstly lets just set the record straight that I do not go on lots of dates with different guys every day of the week. I’m not a serial dater, if you’re interested in that then definitely head over to the dating blogs! I go through little phases of thinking I want to date, they usually amount to nothing other than a little disappoint after a little while, in fact I’ve probably got lots to tell but that isn’t the purpose of todays post.

I am specifically going to refer to a date with a guy called Joe for the sake of this blog because lets face it Joe Bloggs is a nice little play on words isn’t it.

So Joe messaged me on OkCupid, I’d only joined the night before. I promised myself at new year after the latest disappointment that I was not going to internet date this year, well all I have managed is to avoid POF but Tinder and OkCupid somehow created accounts on my behalf and here I am.

It didn’t take long to agree to meet, despite Joe thinking I was being difficult. In fact he announced no one had ever taken so much convincing….come on we’re talking less than 24 hours….Just how popular or a charmer did this guy think he was.

Anyway with very little notice but with nothing else planned we decided that we would go for a Sunday roast, lets face it, who turns down a roast dinner opportunity when you are single and don’t cook them for one?

I told Joe I would meet him so long he named the place and time, we are not that local to each other so I didn’t really want to look for somewhere in the middle I didn’t know. Very quickly he named the place and he named the time. With less than an hour and half to actually get out of bed to getting ready I thought I better jump in the shower.

With about 15 minutes left before I have to leave Joe messages me and says that maybe he should have checked before he left that the pub would still be open…..yes I would have said so Joe. So while Joe is driving in the direction of where we were supposed to meet he asks can I find somewhere else and let him know. I know what you are thinking, it was my first thought too….failed at the first hurdle, gave him one job to do and here I was mid make up and I needed to find somewhere, I did, checked its opening times and the website assured that it was serving until 9.30pm.

We had agreed to meet at 5pm, at approx. 4.56pm Joe messages me to say that they are not serving food anymore and that he was going to look for somewhere else for us. I was two minutes away, figured I’d park up and he’d be about. At 4.58pm I tell him I’ve parked and ask where he is. In the mean time I checked and was annoyed to see the pub I’d suggested only served food late on a Friday and Saturday, they need to update their website I though.

I walked up and down the high street, I found two restaurants we could go to, I couldn’t see him through the windows of either, after about ten minutes I messaged again, as I still hadn’t got a reply. I was thinking where the hell is this guy, it’s cold, I’m hungry and I was getting a little irritated. It did cross my mind to call him but I just can’t do that, speaking to people before you’ve met them when you’ve been hiding behind messages. Finally he replied saying he was scouting for somewhere to eat. I told him to just come back and park, he then advises me he is in another town 15 minutes away. WTF? How I didn’t just get in my car and drive home I don’t know. He said he come back and I told him I would go to him.

I drove in his direction and all I could think was I have never had a row on a first date but it might just happen. Why would he just drive off to another town, he later told me because the man in the pub said no one else in the town was serving Sunday dinners that late, right well that’s okay then perfectly rational response.

Joe sent me the postcode for parking, even that took two attempts because he got that wrong first time and I pulled into the car park at 5.30pm in the pouring rain, grateful that the pub wasn’t any further than it was away to walk. Joe messaged me to say he had an umbrella, I messaged back telling him I had my own and I ventured off to the pub expecting to find him in there. Of course he wasn’t, he waited in the car and followed me at close proximity until I had no choice but to turn round and wonder what weirdo was following me, it was Joe, naturally.

The pub was packed, we found a table and Joe came back from ordering our roasts stating that he couldn’t believe it was only a tenner for two. I told him that this was perhaps his outlandish plan all along just so we could get a cheap dinner, it was actually the first laughs of many.

I couldn’t really have a go at guy I just met, although when I tried to establish why it all went tits up the response included him saying he didn’t expect me to agree to meet him on the spot and that he had no signal when he wasn’t replying.

I am conscious of how long this post already is and I haven’t even scratched the surface of the point to this post and all the things I want to tell you but I needed to set the scene so actually I will leave it there for today.

To be continued……



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