Joe Bloggs – Part 2

So after my last scene setting post I am now going to reveal why this date was worth blogging about, because it was hilarious and good fun.

I laughed so much and at one point came very close to spitting orange juice all over myself, how I kept my mouth shut is beyond me.

Therefore I present you with the highlights of the date, I feel I need to point out that I did a lot of laughing at Joe, not just with him, he knows this, I made no secret that this was the case. I wish these were going to be in order of the evening but it’s going to be as I remember them.

– He said during time off work at Christmas he couldn’t be bothered to shave, having always been clean shaven he gave himself a weeks break, it came to Christmas day and he then used the excuse of it being ‘festive’ as to still not shave. He has now adopted a short beard, his reason for never having had one before is because they are deemed to make you untrustworthy (is this a warning?)

– He says the beard makes his chin more prominent than ever and he thinks he resembles Desperate Dan. (he doesn’t)

– I told him I didn’t like actual tea, only fruit and herbal tea, he said they are always too hot too drink and take too long to cool down, I suggested he didn’t boil the kettle or added cold water, this had never crossed his mind…..

– It wasn’t until he renewed his passport at 26 he found out he had a wonky nose, he didn’t recognise the person in the photo. He realised he always looks in the mirror on the wonk to make his nose straight, his family assumed he knew it was wonky which his why they never told him about it. (I didn’t see any wonkiness)

– Apparently he used to be porkier and it wasn’t until he lost some weight and his face slimmed that he realised what a big forehead he had and he had to change hairstyle to compensate. I told him it looked normal to me, he said that’s the hair doing the job.

-He admitted he had no idea what my accent would be like so he YouTubed Lincolnshire dialects before meeting and wasn’t convinced he would understand me which is why he didn’t call me either about the where to meet fiasco. (He was relieved to discover I sounded normal and like him, who said he sounded normal?)

-He listens to AND enjoys Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2. (This could be grounds for not seeing someone again)

– On the advice of the Jeremy Vine show he started doing 1 push up per day in a bid to not gain 2lb a year in older age. (He is now up to 60 a day…)

-When he was younger he thought he wanted to be a mechanic and did his work experience in a car garage. He was just 16 when the garage offered him an apprenticeship. He declined because he decided he didn’t like getting dirty. (He said he wanted to sell cars and so they took him on doing that instead πŸ™‚ )

– He loves going to the hairdresser and comes out with his hair looking amazing and then never manages to recreate the look himself.

-He has only ever had one back massage and hated it because it hurt so much, however loved an Indian head one so much he kept nodding off in the middle of the shopping centre where it was being demonstrated.

– He passed out during his only tattoo and wouldn’t stay still and as a result says it is messy. (Not as bad as you imagine but still a questionable design)

-He said he is such a fan of Groupon that sometimes he has so many vouchers they expire before he uses them but he can’t resist a bargain! (Man after my own heart, apart from how much he is wasting by not using them!)

I am sure there are more funny bits I have missed out, needless to say we spent most of our time laughing. Don’t get me wrong I am sure that there were times he was laughing at me not with me too so don’t sit there thinking I’m a meanie for taking the micky. I’m too sarcastic for my own good sometimes and this just makes things even funnier to me.

Needless to say there has been much laughing since even just through messaging. Joe would like me to blog about our next date, yes that’s right he knows about this blog and these posts, who do you think suggested I write about him in the first place? I think I’ve got a bit of an ego on my hands here readers but so long as he lives up to it, is good company and makes me laugh I’ll let that slide, for now πŸ˜‰

So without me adding to that ego anymore all I am going to say is that there will be a second date, which I think speaks for itself.

See you soon Joe πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Joe Bloggs – Part 2

  1. Yes! I can’t wait! Joe sounds adorable. Maybe he can guest post one of your dates! Or you can do a he said/she said post!

    • Joe says ‘Cheers Jess’
      I actually like the idea of a post about a date with me from someone else’s perspective, might help me identify why they don’t usually lead anywhere! ha

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