Just another day?

In the nicest possible way isn’t Mothering Sunday just like any other day? Like those who say what’s the big deal with Valentines Day.

I love my amazing Mum everyday. I tell her every time I see her. I hope that a day never goes by where she would wonder if she has done a good job or if she is appreciated because it’s only fair she should know this and have absolute faith in my appreciation for her all the time not just once a year.

However as it is Mothers Day this post is dedicated to her, however I also want to ask that if you’re not sure your Mum knows how important she is to you then you take the time to let her know.

I’m not saying everyone is fortunate enough to have a Mum who has fulfilled their role as society expects and I’m grateful that I’m not in those shoes. I’m also aware not everyone is fortunate to still have their Mum living and I’m even more grateful for the breaths my Mum takes and will hopefully continue to take for decades to come yet.

So Mum here is to you, I love you and I couldn’t ask for anymore from you, you have fulfilled your responsibilities as a mother more than perfectly and I am truly thankful.

Grandma is amazing too and I hope that one day I will be loved even half as much as you two are by my own family and I will be grateful for having both of you as the benchmark of what makes amazing Mums and Grandmas.




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