Randy pigeons

As I was minding my own business today walking down an alley in town I suddenly got a face and literal eye full of dirt and grit. I was honestly so confused, then I remembered the Sahara sand we are supposed to be experiencing in our air and thought that maybe this is what I was encountering. I quickly decided that this was nonsense as I was actually in a sheltered alley and the air was fine just moments before.

Rubbing my stinging eye I caught bits of soil whizzing round my feet, and then saw more fall to join it. After a few more steps I realised I was free from being assaulted by the dirt and grit and so took a moment to stop and look at what I had just been the victim of and I can tell you I never would have guessed that randy pigeons in a hanging basket getting down and dirty were the cause for the dirt falling down!

In such a public place too, shame in them.



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