Money or pants?

Which is more exciting?

I’m sure most people will have come back to an old jacket pocket or handbag and found a note of some kind, £5 is pretty pleasing and anything higher is a great treat from the money fairy, even though it is yours you feel you can spend it on something you wouldn’t ordinarily buy because it’s new to you, you didn’t know you had it so don’t need to account for it quite so much, if you disagree because you are broke then you maybe are the kind of person that would never misplace and forget about it in the first place. Nice warm feeling inside eh.

How about this then…. I was changing my bed sheets the other day and as I was trying to straighten the corners of the duvet in the cover I felt an obstruction to my cause. Well what a delightful obstruction it turned out to be, as it was a lovely pair of panda pants which I forgot I even owned, how is that possible? How could I possibly forget that from time to time I like to wear pants with pandas on? Well the first thing I thought was well this is like finding money in a winter jacket you’ve brought out of summer retreat.

Sad but true fact is I also decided the pants will last way longer than any money I could have found therefore making pants indeed more exciting than money!



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