Driving Test Silence

Driving Test Silence

I have decided that dating and men are a subject which must now be kept silent and secret too save awkward and often soul destroying conversations until you are certain that there is something to tell.

If you are not sure what I mean lets set the scene that I am sure more than a few of my readers will be familiar with.

You have your first driving test, you are excited and you tell everyone, everyone wants to know how you get on. If you have to tell them you failed it hurts and it is a little embarrassing as well as disappointing. People are kind, encouraging and motivating and before long you once again let everyone know the impending date of your next test and people wish you luck and tell you at least you know what to expect blah blah. For a second time you fail, the upset and anguish of not just failing but telling everyone that you failed again is something you really wish you didn’t have to do. When it comes to the third test, you don’t tell a soul……you only announce you have passed and you eliminate all the build up before hand, people don’t hound you to see how it went. You just proudly get to to tell everyone that you have passed and they are so pleased for you they barely notice you kept it hidden from them. Get what I am saying here.

I have now reached the point that I believe this needs to apply to dating and men for me. I cannot bear the embarrassment and disappointment again when people ask me how it is going after I dare get excited and talk to someone about a guy I’ve met or a date I’ve been on. I’m done, dating disappointments and let down men make tiresome conversations, from now on I am going to keep my business to myself, until there is something to tell, so if you randomly get a wedding invitation years from now and didn’t even know I was in a relationship then you can at least be sure I passed the driving test of relationships, but lets face it when can you ever be sure of a pass there!

If only I had thought of this sooner my pride might be a little more intact and I’d have saved many a breaths on conversations about guys not deserving of the time or attention.


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