A confession….. Of sorts

One thing that is great about being 30 is that you do not need your parents permission for much, if anything. I mean I always ask if I can eat something out of their fridge before I do but I think that’s politeness, I am going to eat it regardless if if they say I can or not.

However just because one doesn’t need permission it doesn’t mean we don’t seek and want approval. I know I certainly want the approval of my parents in nearly all that I do, my Mum even more so maybe than my Dad just because she has a bigger influence on my day to day life and the decisions I make, it’s a girl thing.

So here is my confession, to my lovely mum, who I have not consulted nor spoken to about this, I am cheating completely by using my blog as the medium to tell her about the new love in my life. She is well aware how ridiculously unsuccessful or unlucky depending your view point, I am when it comes to dating and men and well I thought it was time for a change, a small new addition for me be distracted by on the lonely evenings and tell all my secrets to who has no risk of letting me down, that small additions name is Phoebe and she is my new baby hamster.

Sorry mum, I just had to and I didn’t want talking out of it 🙂



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