Coney Island At Sunrise

Absolutely loved this post, stunning photos and brilliant words to remind us that every day is a new day and even though sometimes it isn’t bright and beautiful one day it most definitely will be again. Thanks Mary 🙂

New York Cliché

There are few things that will pry me out of bed at 3:30 AM. I can think of only three: flood, fire, and family tradition. My New York family- the fast friendships I have made over these almost six years- has developed a tradition of going to Coney Island on Easter morning. To watch the sunrise. A trip that requires one to get on a train bound for Coney Island just as the bars are closing.

Wrenching myself out of bed after 3 hours of sleep? Sitting on a subway car for 1.5 hours amid the drunks and bums? Standing on a cold beach in partial darkness? These were all reasons I had resisted going before. But this past year I’ve needed and appreciated my friends more than ever. If they said it was worth going, fine, I’d trust them.

Trusting your friends: one of the best decisions a person can make.


We got off the…

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