My kind of heaven!



2 thoughts on “My kind of heaven!

  1. I want your heaven! It’s rained in Glasgow for the past three months. Finally, we had a few gorgeous (ie non-soggy) days so I spent the afternoon putting together the garden furniture we’d ordered. They did NOT follow the Ikea school of directions with little smiley-guys miming each step. Instead, this was furniture for the DIY. You got a box full of random parts, each with a little baggie attached containing an assortment of bolts of at least four different lengths. Each bolt had to be tried like Goldilocks in each joining (too long, too short, too thin, just right). After about five hours of trial & error, I’d assembled two chairs and a table and was on the last piece, a little sofa, when I noticed that the back was broken. A call to the store said they would bring a new flat-pack IF I disassembled the other pieces and put them back into the box. I explained the conditions that would need to prevail in hell for that to occur. They were, apparently, willing to risk that. So I sent back the furniture. It’s probably going to rain anyway… Maybe I could just visit you?

    • Ha ha that is an awful lot of effort when rain is very much more likely!! This sadly isn’t my garden, it’s a friends and it’s a little mini paradise! Although sunshine does even make my garden tolerable. I’m sorry for chuckling at your misfortune and you’d be more than welcome for a Visit 🙂

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