Habit vs desire

I am feeling very guilty of neglecting my writing recently. Not just my blog but also the novel I started during NaNoWriMo which not only have I still not yet finished I have added zero words to the word count in the last 3 months.

I don’t feel particularly guilty to the followers on my blog as I am sure that you all follow plenty of other worthy blogs which keep you entertained. This isn’t about thinking I am missed and that I should be maintaining my blog with more that just lazy photos and short posts. This is about my missing how I feel when I write and giving my brain some decent activity!

I really miss the characters in my novel and feel distanced from them, I don’t want to reach the point where I lose momentum of where my story line was going and know this means I need to get writing again.

There are a few reasons the writing has fallen by the way side. Primarily being I no longer have a laptop, I had a work laptop and that had to be returned when I left. All I have a is bashed little notebook which has a broken LCD screen. It is difficult to get motivated to type on the broken notebook and it really annoys me that there are so many blank spots on the screen!

I also started a new job which sees me working 12 hour days, whilst I have more days off in the week, it has been hard to get into a new routine.

In addition to this I got into a new relationship and well lets just say writing has taken an even further back seat.

It has taken all of this though to realise I miss writing, I have noticed even more so over the last couple if weeks as I am reading more and I adore reading, which in turn makes me want to be the writer in the hope that just one person might adore my novel.

I am therefore going to make a conscious effort to write more, to blog and to add to the novel word count. Not only because I want to see progress but also because it is an outlet for me in my life and I think going so long without proper substance to my words makes a difference to my outlook and how I feel and I am not talking for the positive.

So here are my commitments for the next 3 months before I head off on my long holiday down under.

In terms of my novel I want to add 10,000 words. I will set aside time to go to my Mums and use her lovely desktop PC when the house is empty and I will fall back in love with my characters.

Blog at least once per week, regardless of what I write. When I rebranded the blog after I turned 30 I said I would post a lot more meaningless stuff and I will, sometimes I just need to get stuff off my chest good or bad and what better than the world wide web πŸ˜‰

For those of you who haven’t unfollowed my blog, thank you! To any new followers you haven’t missed much lately.




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