A perfect friends reunion

As some of you may know my best friend Emma currently lives in New Zealand, hence my visit there in October. Emma was in England last summer when she had a full schedule packed of reunions with friends and family. It was amazing for her yet also somewhat stressful.

She is currently back again, a little less low key and less pre planned. It wasn’t exactly intentional but it turned out that her good friend Sam didn’t know she was coming back. They kept missing each other to chat and Sams lack of presence on Facebook meant she managed to miss the count downs and airport check ins.

I decided that this was the perfect opportunity for a surprise reunion. I set the bait and Sam immediately bit. Did she want a catch up and a drink while her kids were on holiday? Of course she did!

Emma and I concocted the perfect scenario, once I was in Sam’s house I’d get her immediately out into her garden waving a bottle of champers and declaring I had something to celebrate. Cue Emma sneaking through the garden gate and waiting around the side of the house until I apologised for being late as I had to pick something up en route….. ta da, Emma reveals her self.

It was amazing, the joy and happiness was buzzing , there were tears and laughter. A great girls night in was followed by the most beautiful girls day out led to one if the best set of 24 hours I’ve had. What a privilege to know both these fab ladies and be part of the reunion.

Our day out was in Cambridge and we highly recommend punting!




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