Oh my days

Sat at the train station waiting to go to Heathrow airport after the first part of my long journey from my home to Australia.

Today sees the start of an epic holiday to the other side of the world to spend time with amazing friends making incredible memories.

I am so excited it’s surreal, has
Anything ever felt like this? I honestly don’t know.

It’s not just excitement I’m feeling though. Have you ever left the one you love standing on a platform waving you off for over 5 weeks? If not then I can assure you it hurts, if you think you know how much you love someone then I bet this scenario will enhance any feelings.

Needless to say I am actually an emotional wreck right now, sat listening to the playlist my boyfriend Joe made me whilst thinking about the disappointment my Mum must have felt when she realised my train has already gone when she turned up at the station to surprise me and say goodbye, because I know I was gutted. All the while reading comments from friends and family wishing me an amazing time and in some cases seeing me soon.

Wow, this is already an extraordinary experience and I only left the house 4 hours ago……


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