The start of 2015

I was still struggling and getting over sinusitis with the festive flu as the clock struck midnight and as I watched the london fireworks from the comfort of my mums sofa with my boyfriend by my side there was literally no where I would rather have been.

However that doesn’t stop it having been a little miserable as I had high hope of a great little party night in with Joe to celebrate our first new year together, at least next year should still

A couple of days into 2015 and I got the privilege of my friend Michelle from Australia coming to stay. Although it had only been 6 weeks since if seen her it was truly great to be reunited. We had 3 days together and agreed on a challenge to lose weight before the next she visits which will be next year sometime.

I’ve also already caught up with a good friend I used to work with in Norwich and have two catch ups planned with friends next week.

I want to spend this year having fun, getting fit and better my life. I am looking forward to sharing my year with Joe, friends and family and really making this year count. Last year was so wonderful with my amazing trip and I want to keep my 30’s being positive!!

Hope you all had a very happy new year.



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