Birthday Blues

This time last year the dreaded 30th birthday was looming. I didn’t really want to turn it for numerous reasons but I certainly made enough plans to keep me busy and so that I had no choice to but enjoy it…. Which I did.

Fast forward to now and a few days short of turning 31 (I know, where did the year go) and I have no plans for my actual birthday. I even share it this year with the man in my life Joe and still there are no plans.
My mum and step dad are taking me out the day after, naturally reserving the birthday itself for other grand plans yet alas there are none and I feel a little sad about it!
A combination of lack of funds and not feeling too great have contributed to this situation and I am somewhat a little blue about it all. Yet I know when all is said and done it is just another day and if anything should be celebrated it should be your mum for giving birth to you not yourself for just appearing!

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