Baby toothless

Our household grew last week. In addition to the bunnies, fish and hamster that we already have we decided we had even that bit more love to give to an animal that needed it. Joe and I had been talking about having a cat for some time and a joint birthday seem the perfect opportunity to fulfill our desire. After getting pre approved by the RSPCA we knew that we could potentially leave the animal shelter with a new addition to our family. It was an exciting morning knowing that we were going to choose a cat who would need our love and also enhance our home, however there was obviously an element of anxiety at what we would see. It was overwhelming to say the least. I had no idea what to expect but sadly wasn’t surprised with what we were met with. The facility held a range of animals including chickens, rabbits, cats and dogs, there was even a big pig, however I don’t know he was looking for a new home or not. The area where the cats were held and we were being shown was a small square enclosure with cat runs on three sides. In the middle there were sadly too many hutches containing rabbits than I want to think about knowing the restricted lives they are living even if only temporary. We started making our way round the cat runs to meet the ones who were available for adopting and started the awful process of eliminating the ones who were not suitable for us. We were basing our decision on a few factors which included the following: – great potential to get on with our house bunnies – affectionate towards us – hadn’t previously lived outside – no known health issues – not too old – not brand new into the centre (wanted to save one who had been there a while) This criteria did rule a few out straight away of course but that didn’t make the task in hand any easier. When you see the poor cats just crying out for affection (or maybe just food) you just want to take them all home. Of course this isn’t an option and so the heart breaking decision making kicks in. The cats appearance was very low on our list of priorities, knowing that personality meant more when adding to our house and that good looking cats are likely to be rehomed more quickly than those who missed out on the cute stakes. Well they do say that one mans trash is another ones treasure. The cat who we deemed to suit us best also happened to be just adorable. I fell in love with her as soon as she starting purring in my arms looking up at me with her adorning big round eyes. There an then I knew we had to have her and before I even said to Joe that I thought we should take her he said it to me first. It isn’t easy hearing the stories associated with how the cats arrive at the RSPCA let alone easy moving on from their run and not taking them with you, however at this moment in time we agreed just one cat to settle her in before taking a second (that day will come) Her name is Mollie and she was one of 22 cats found in poor conditions which resulted in the owner having 11 of them removed from his care. Mollie was one of those 11 and she was just a kitten. Now she is estimated to be 7/8 months old and has been at the centre for 3 months. 3 months this beauty has been overlooked by other wanna be cat owners. Whilst it breaks my heart to think of her in there for all that time being unloved I am selfishly delighted that she is now ours and that hopefully she thinks we are worth the wait, after all she most definitely chose us. Take at look at her, she looks as though she has been here forever and we look forward to her living a long life in our family. Oh and did I mention she reminds of toothless the dragon from how to train your dragon ha! What do you think?



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