Love hate relationship


Both my friend and my nemesis.

I love to eat, I enjoy it, it satisfies me, soothes me, passes the time and makes me happy.

I hate being over weight, it makes me feel less attractive, I get annoyed my clothes don’t fit, I dislike being unfit, I feel pathetic for having so little self control, I allow temptation to beat me.

All that I love is temporary and all that I hate is long term.

I know this. I know things must change to shift the balance and yet it is so difficult.

I feel like it trying to break up with someone you love but you know you can’t be with.

Everyday is battle when it shouldn’t be. No one is more in control of my life than me yet I still fail to make permanent changes.

I’ve lost weight before, controlled my diet and exercised to be healthy. I’ve also put weight on and lost all motivation.

This relationship must be healthier, more balanced and realistic.

Yet I know the changes will take time to adjust.

12 weeks until a holiday to Tenerife and I’ve never wanted to break up with food like I do now.

Maybe now is the time, it will happen and I succeed?


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