Snapwire success wannabe

I joined Snapwire a few months back after stumbling across it by accident.

Like thinking I want to be a buddy writer and blogger it seemed natural for me to want to be budding photographer too.

Snapwire is an ideal platform for not just appreciating the work of others but also for you to show case yours. This isn’t an Instagram type app where you just search and browse, this app gives you the opportunity to submit your photos to the brief of someone else’s request, known as a challenge,  with the opportunity for your photo to be nominated and then purchased.

There are varying levels to your status based on nominations or the opinion of the the Snapwire team, you start as a beginner and make your way up to expert.

My issue is I am still a beginner 😦 I am very impatient at the best of times, never mind when In have already been waiting 3 months for any kind of recognition.

So what I would like to know is if anyone out there uses this app, if you have had any success at rising through the ranks or even better purchases and if so how long it took and any tips.

I honestly don’t think my photos are as bad as some people who are already higher levels than me.

Any info and advice appreciated please!


3 thoughts on “Snapwire success wannabe

  1. Sometimes, you just have to wait and keep trying until Snapwire or a requester nominate your photo. I spend almost a month until my first nomination. That’s where I discovered that the best way to get your photos nominated is if you carefully read the brief and give them what they want. They also tend to favor full frame photos, or photos cropped too match it. But I’m worried that the changes that apply this Friday are gonna make beginner photographers much harder to climb the ladder.

    I’ve seen your profile and you got some great photos. What I noticed is that most of them have exposure problems, either they’re too exposed or underexposed. Some photo editing skills (PS, Lightroom, etc) will do some good on you to fix those problems. Best of luck on Snapwire!!

    • Thanks for your comment and advice, I know patience is key. I will try and be more specific to requests also, but what’s happening Friday I feel I’ve missed something?!

      • They are changing the way to level up. Now, nominations are gonna be stricter and the minimum required to get to advanced is 1000 points, among other changes you might have already seen.

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