A little bit of time 

So I have managed to find myself a little bit of time to write a post even though I feel I have little to say. This got me thinking about how other bloggers who I follow blog. They are mainly themed so often it is dating, New York lifestyle, writing achievements, photos of the world and so on. I wonder how much time they dedicate to writing their posts, are they time sensitive, do they mull over them or do they literally sit down, write and publish? Is it in a designated time slot in their schedule or when time permits, always the same location or even device? 

I then went on to consider about how busy someone has to be to not take a little bit of time to update their blog (i.e ME) Whether or not the content is deemed as interesting or valuable to others and is there almost a responsibility to maintains standards once you get started and even more so when you have subscribers?

So here I am with a little bit of time to write about my curiosity about this exact subject. The funny thing is I always have time to read the blogs I follow, how does that work? Do my fellow bloggers prioritise writing their own material over reading others, is this the simple error of my ways? That bit I am really interested in. So I would like to throw this out there and ask fellow bloggers to shed some light on their blogging habits.

Share with me answers to the above or anything else you are willing to about you and your blog. Is it a hobby and pastime, a job or commitment, how serious is maintaining it to you?

I would love some responses on a postcard, or alternatively please leave a comment.

I know there are many a forum and online communities but I think this is a fresher way of finding out and interests me more because potentially you are my followers as much as I am yours and it is a more personal as well as a direct insight into the people I sit and read about day in and day out.

With a good selection of responses I would love to ‘find the time’ to write about my findings in a future post and credit your blogs if you would like, after all if I read them I am sure others would love to stumble across them too if they haven’t already.

In the mean time I am going to make a conscious effort to blog more frequently again as I am sure I have much more to say than I think I do and I enjoy it, even if it is only five minutes at a time (this post took 12mins)

Thanks in advance and indulge my curisity!

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