Life laundry 

We seem to be having a big spring clear out at home and I don’t see it being over anytime soon.

There clothes a plenty which have been given to charity or sold for a few quid. Items with sentimental value but really have no place being about have been boxed up ready to stow away in the loft. Make up and toiletries which I haven’t used in literally years have gone! Sheds have been emptied and are being torn down due to rot. I’ve even deleted some facebook friends.

It actually feels good and long overdue to have a big spring clean, I feel like it isn’t just material things either being given a sort out. My attitude feels different, I want to really make the most of our house, our garden, our time and our bodies. I want to get fit and be healthier and I want to take the time to achieve it out on my new road bike. I am starting to think that working less and being home more really could be valuable than a slighter bigger pay packet.

I know it might not be long before new things become old and pile up under the stairs or clothes will get too worn and need to go but at the moment it feels good. I am not as ruthless as my boyfriend Joe or as ruthless as he would like me to be but I am making improvements.

Combine this clear out with the beautiful sunshine and summer coming and I recommend it to you all.A little bit of life laundry goes a long way. 



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