Too late for a come back?

Jeez 9 months!

I could have a baby in that time, done two tours of Afghanistan, moved house 3 times over or done a short stint in prison.

In reality all i’ve really done is been living. Nothing out of the ordinary (unless you class getting two dogs unusual) yet I’ve failed to write  a single blog post. Not one, not even just a photo.

I’m hoping that I haven’t lost everyone who ever once thought it might be mildly interesting to follow this blog. That someone will accidentally from no where be reminded I exist in this blogging world.

I don’t know why I haven’t written, I didn’t consciously think the last time I posted on here that I would take a break, a long one at that. Have no fear for I am still here, alive, well and longing to write.

I did think about starting a new blog, but I have even less of an idea what that would be about than this. So I shall pick up where I left off shall I? Don’t answer that.

Nothing to interesting to say this time, just you know, hi, missed you, hope you are all well and speak soon 🙂





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